WAY-Plan est un service WAYNIUM

Client communications

A dedicated space for your clients and the tools necessary to communicate effectively !

Online client space

WAY-Plan enables your clients, via their dedicated online space, to :

  • Follow the progress of assignments they have entrusted you with and find all relevant information, such as driver contact details.
  • Download their tariff proposals in PDF format and their invoices once they have been "closed".
  • To renew request for service without having to re-enter assignment information.

Good to know : you can give specific rights to each client contact, and (for example) authorize or restrict access to quote and invoice documents ...


WAY-Plan enables you to prepare "newsletters" to keep your clients informed, as well as all partners managed via the system.

You decide the date and time of dispatch of your communications campaigns, and select all or some of your clients, drivers and / or partners that you want to receive it ... WAY-Plan does the rest !

Library of emails

Numerous forms are included in WAY-Plan, plus you can enrich your library with your own templates to respond quickly to any situation! Automatically insert the relevant date in each sample letter! Some examples :

  • Send reminders of a tariff proposal to a client, which will automatically include the price and the key data for the proposed service
  • Sending a rate request to a sub-contractor will automatically propose the data for the assignment proposed ... etc.

SMS option

Send your messages by SMS, instead of or as well as by email (operator costs not included)

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