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Discover all the advantages of the real-time schedules with WAY-Plan

Save your assignments rapidly ...

Your scheduling software displays a "guide window" that accelerates data capture for your assignments: assignment type, customer, contact and passengers, places, types of vehicles, etc.
Enter the name of a client, a passenger, a driver, a partner, select a date range, a type of vehicle, etc. WAY-Plan instantly finds and displays the tasks that match your criteria !

The scheduler saves your favorite places thanks to its intelligent data capture. You can save and instantly find the most frequently used addresses, which are geolocalized to calculate estimated mileage for each assignment.

Real-time airport synchronization

Enter a flight number and all data is displayed automatically on schedule: arrival time, terminal, etc.

These data will be transmitted to the driver in his task sheet.

Position your drivers and your vehicles in two clicks

View with 1 glance all drivers available for your assignment.

The software guides you to select the most suitable driver, displays the number of days worked consecutively, holidays, etc.

Visualimo for large-scale scheduling

Your WAY-Plan software allows you to manage your drivers and vehicles with the same interface, over a period ranging 8 hours to 7 days !

Visualimo displays all details enabling you to intelligently allocate your resources !

Mobilimo enables you to allocate fares from your tablet or smartphone

Access schedules on the move. Enter new reservations and manage your tasks as if you were at the office, staying connected to your system.

Good to know: Mobilimo functions even without an internet connection. Data will automatically synchronize with the WAY-Plan scheduler as soon as you have a network connection !

Transmission of assignment sheets and welcome signs

Your software automatically generates assignment sheets and welcome signs, with the data entered in a quality PDF format.

Your drivers can print them or display them on their tablet, at their convenience...

Controller alerts

The scheduler alerts you when a check is necessary on a task. The controller can check that everything is on schedule, depending on the status of each task.

For example, if you want to check the departure of drivers at the start of each shift, WAY-Plan identifies in real-time all ongoing tasks scheduled to start in under an hour.

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