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Is this software suitable for my business ?

How does WAY-Plan adapt to my transport business

WAY-Plan has been designed to meet the needs of all transport companies of passengers on demand, small sized vehicles, school transport, transportation of assistance, coach operators...

If you need :

  • to manage transport missions and booking files
  • to increase facility of your scheduling for vehicles and drivers
  • to justify the reservation assignments
  • to provide related services to your passenger transport activity
  • to speed up your billing
  • more visibility for your business
  • ...

WAY-Plan software will meet your goals.

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Can my clients book online ?

How does WAY-Plan adapt to my transport business

Yes, your customers have a complete booking form to which you can give them access.

WAY-Plan also includes a secured customer section with personal login and password enabling them to :

  • place new booking requests
  • keep a history of their requests
  • download quotes and invoices

You receive an alert for every request transmitted and, after validation, the missions are integrated into your schedule in 2 clicks !

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My assignments sometimes contain several steps, can WAY-Plan handle this ?

How does WAY-Plan adapt to my transport business

Multi-stage is part of the functionality provided by WAY-Plan.

A mission can contain a starting point, an end point and several intermediate steps.

Managing routes - transporting people software

With WAY-Plan, you can :

  • Plan routes and save them
  • Manage the presence of passengers at each stage

  • Send the mission with the detail of each step to the driver: who arrives where ?
  • Allow the driver to report the presence of a passenger at each stage
  • Collect passengers presence information: were they all well represented ? Were there any no-show ?
  • Pass on the billing information
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And if I work with subcontractors ?

How does WAY-Plan adapt to my transport business

The planning WAY-Plan is expected to handle all your drivers: in-house or outsourced.

With the Visual Limo module, you can plan :

  • your in-house drivers, regardless of their status: fixed term contract, extra with period of predefined presence
  • subcontractor drivers with accurate reporting of all missions you have assigned them: for a given period or for a given client, etc.

You will be able to provide your subcontractor drivers your mobile driver Space :

  • recover their assignment sheets
  • indicate the progress of the missions they will perform on your behalf.
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If I have to cash in a client, directly in the vehicle ?

How does WAY-Plan adapt to my transport business

WAY-Plan is not a payment terminal, but your driver may report each receipt done on his vehicle directly from his mobile space.

Thus, your payment follow-up is updated: you know exactly what remains to be cashed in, and what payments have already been made by your customers.

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