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Can I modify an invoice ?

Invoices and quotes with WAY-Plan

It is possible under certain conditions to modify a bill.

WAY-Plan actually allows you to modify bills, but this feature is only available to employees authorized to carry out this type of operation. Of course it is not recommended to amend bills, particularly if they were sent to affected customers, or exported in accounting.

Note also that WAY-Plan can create credit notes from any invoice, very simply, and in compliance with accounting procedures.

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If I manage several companies, with one or more brands ?

Invoices and quotes with WAY-Plan

WAY-Plan allows you to manage multiple legal entities, or several brands with a single contract and a unique software program.

Everything has been designed to manage all activities within a single WAY-Plan :

  • each entity displays its own sales header on its estimates and invoices (logo and legal mentions)
  • each entity can set its own fee schedules
  • each entity has its own invoice numbering: reminder : WAY-Plan allows you to set the numbering of your bills according to the desired format

To view the options to subscribe for the implementation of this feature, discover our offers here.

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Can I use a specific bill model ?

Invoices and quotes with WAY-Plan

There are 3 invoice models proposed in the WAY-Plan billing management.

You can also ask us to develop one tailored to your business. It will then be established according to their specific constraints...

The three models available are :

  • the detailed invoice
  • invoice "grouped + detail" that summarizes the assignments according to their common characteristics in main page and displays the details in appendix
  • invoice "grouped without details" that does not show the details of missions in appendices

We will adapt your WAY-Plan to your billing specifics if necessary.

  • display a customer reference
  • display a supplier reference
  • Group the missions by cost center reference
  • adapt the bill graphically
  • ...
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Could I make the connection with my usual accounting software ?

Invoices and quotes with WAY-Plan

The connection to your accounting software is possible via the exportation of the billing performed in WAY-Plan.

Our staff deals with the setting, directly related to your accountant. The extracted document will contain precisely the accounting codes you normally use and facilitate the work of your accountant.

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