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Security and confidentiality of your data

How is my data stored ?

Security and confidentiality of your data

Our servers are hosted in a data center in the Paris region which benefits from the latest technological, economic, ecological and secure innovations.

For hosting of your most valuable data, we opted for quality. Our historic host partner Planet Work is among the most efficient on the market :

  • choice of the most efficient infrastructure and optimal availability of servers,
  • multiple security devices of the data center,
  • quality service, even on weekends.

The daily backup of data allows us to restore them on your management software on request.

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Are my access secure ?

Security and confidentiality of your data

Your user access is personal: each employee has his own ID and password determined during the first connection. Your WAY-Plan trainer will inform you of the usual safety rules, if possible :

  • mix lowercase, uppercase, special characters and numbers
  • choose a unique password that you only use for WAY-Plan

The password of each employee is encrypted so that no one can decipher it, even another user of the same platform.

Can I export my data ? And under which format ?

Security and confidentiality of your data

Several exports are available with WAY-Plan.

WAY-Plan allows you to export a large part of your data :

  • Excel export of the list of missions : between two dates, by driver or by customer, type of vehicle, etc.
  • Excel export of data driver: time amplitudes, number of days worked, purchase price of services, etc.
  • Excel or PDF export of the staff registry, updated in real time.
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And if my driver does not work exclusively for my company ?

Security and confidentiality of your data

Contractor drivers also use your mobile driver application, everything has been designed to optimize communication, while limiting risk relating to the confidentiality of customer data.

Privacy of customer data.

The WAY-Plan mobile application does not store any data, once the assignment completed by your driver. Thus before and during the trip he may have access to the information necessary for the proper performance of his assignment, but once the assignment completed, the driver can no longer access the history data of his latest customers

About communication and schedules of your contractor drivers.

The WAY-Plan mobile application is connected to Google Calendar: ID numbers are entered by the driver but Limo employees cannot view them.

Thus your drivers are able to view the trips you entrust them in their Google or Outlook schedule, and manage their entire timetable in the same workspace.

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