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Is the driver mobile application compatible with my Smartphone ?

Using the driver Application

We are talking about a mobile application, to use the term commonly used, but it is in fact a mobile space, accessible from any mobile browser.


espace mobile chauffeur vtc - android espace mobile chauffeur vtc - iphone ipad

Thus, whether you have a mobile phone or a touch pad on Android, iOS or Windows, the mobile space of your drivers will work perfectly.

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What is the use of the mobile space of my drivers ?

Using the driver Application

The mobile space of your drivers has two main goals :

  • To always have on hand details of assignments given to your drivers
  • To allow them to check the assignments progression: time slots for work, kilometers traveled, charges paid ...

On their mobile space, drivers also have access to prior booking proofs in order to pass the controls.

On your side, you will see in real time where your drivers are in their assignments of the day :

  • did they arrive on time for customer pick-up ?
  • Have there been any particular comments on how the assignment was conducted ?

In addition, the mobile space loads in your administrative management all information about Hourly amplitudes worked by your drivers ... which will help with payroll management !

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If I have to cash in a client, directly in the vehicle ?

Using the driver Application

WAY-Plan is not a payment terminal, but your driver may report each receipt done on his vehicle directly from his mobile space.

Thus, your payment follow-up is updated: you know exactly what remains to be cashed in, and what payments have already been made by your customers.

And if my driver does not work exclusively for my company ?

Using the driver Application

Contractor drivers also use your mobile driver application, everything has been designed to optimize communication, while limiting risk relating to the confidentiality of customer data.

Privacy of customer data.

The WAY-Plan mobile application does not store any data, once the assignment completed by your driver. Thus before and during the trip he may have access to the information necessary for the proper performance of his assignment, but once the assignment completed, the driver can no longer access the history data of his latest customers

About communication and schedules of your contractor drivers.

The WAY-Plan mobile application is connected to Google Calendar: ID numbers are entered by the driver but Limo employees cannot view them.

Thus your drivers are able to view the trips you entrust them in their Google or Outlook schedule, and manage their entire timetable in the same workspace.

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