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Is there a mobile WAY-Plan application ?

Using WAY-Plan on mobile devices

For mobility use, 2 possibilities are available to you :

  • Use your usual management application. Some of our customers use very easily WAY-Plan on their touch pads, even if the graphics are not optimal in this format
  • Use Mobilimo, the mobile version of the software !

Accessible from the browser on your device, Smartphone or Touch Pad, Mobilimo allows you to have your schedule in your pocket at all times.

The main actions of schedule management are developed there :

  • view your tasks of the day and the following days
  • enter a new booking request
  • plan your driver on a mission
  • edit a mission already typed on your general schedule

The real asset of Mobilimo is that it give you the possibility of working even when your mobile is not connected to the network. Your actions will be stored in the phone's memory to be sent to your general schedule as soon as you enter a connected area.

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If I do not have internet connection ?

Using WAY-Plan on mobile devices

Mobilimo and the driver mobile application work even without an internet connection.

How does it work?

The set of the data is locally recorded in your Smartphone or your tablet, and you can do the usual operations.

When you find an internet connection, all the recorded data are synchronized.

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If I have to cash in a client, directly in the vehicle ?

Using WAY-Plan on mobile devices

WAY-Plan is not a payment terminal, but your driver may report each receipt done on his vehicle directly from his mobile space.

Thus, your payment follow-up is updated: you know exactly what remains to be cashed in, and what payments have already been made by your customers.

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