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Coach operator and Passenger Transport software

Coach operator and passenger transport : Save management time !

As a coach operator you can work on two distinct types of activities :

  • regular passenger transport within a framework of schedule shuttle and school transport for example
  • tourism activities: excursions, group travel organization on behalf of associative organizations, tour operator or works councils, among others.

What arrangements for coach operators?

The profession is regulated by the LOTI law, the Interior Transport Orientation Law and the Code of Transport that define the obligations of bus operators and passenger transport companies. To register your company with the register of internal transport, with the DREAL of its region, the coach operator must provide :

  • proof of professional reputation
  • evidence of financial capacity, up to € 9,000 for the first vehicle of more than 9 seats and 5,000 € for each of the following vehicles.
  • a certificate of professional competence in transport of more than 9 seats. It may be obtained as a result of an examination, a diploma equivalency or validation of professional experience,
  • proof of the existence of business premises

For further information, it is best to consult the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development or the DREAL in your area.

What can I expect from my management software ?

A software dedicated to the passenger transportation must help you to undertake the simple actions of the everyday life :

  • managing transport missions and routes (for school transportation or regular shuttle service)... 
  • Optimization of routes and frequent tours : sightseeing tours or recurrent tours
  • Scheduling for drivers, coaches and other vehicles
  • Sending every needed informations and tasksheets automatically to drivers 
  • System of connection with the drivers, either by means of an on-board system on the vehicle, or via an application downloaded on a mobile device: telephone or touchpad
  • commercial management: Establishment of estimates, commercial monitoring, generation of the bill at the end of the mission, management of the terms of payments
  • staff Management
  • management of vehicle fleet. ...

There are several management programs for coach operators other than WAY-Plan on the market. You will choose the one which will best meet the needs for your company and which will be the most pleasant to use on a daily basis.
Do not neglect the quality of the follow-up !

Your management solution must be accompanied by a personalized service to allow your teams to use all the features completely and to help you to make your license profitable as quickly as possible.

And if you do not find your solution, you can also consider the development of a custom-made program to meet your needs...

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