Light passenger software transport

People transport as light passenger transport: simplify your life with software

Concerns companies that transport people in vehicles with less than 9 seats.

The specificities of light passenger transportation

The light passenger transport companies most of the countries depend on the field of Transport. Their main mission is the occasional transport of people.

The coach passenger transportation therefore depend on the same regulatory basis. However, they usually need a different license to be able to circulate on the public road legally.


The organization of my activity of PEOPLE transportATION

We know that organization is the key word in your business! As a passenger transport company, you have an obligation of means and results. Indeed, if you accept the mission of your customer, you must find a way to realize it.

So, what are the organizational means at your disposal?

Your smartphone: the essential!

In addition to being reachable at all times, you can use all the reminder tools, calendar applications and instant messaging applications. More or less adapted to your activity, these applications allow you to manage at least your daily activity. And then, they will allow you, why not, to manage your agenda with the missions of transport of passengers and the communication with your transport subcontractors.

Free or general-purpose office automation tools

Many of you use office automation solutions, with Excel at the top of the list, to manage your planning or your activity’s dashboards. The calculations are reliable and the tool is easy to use. In case of setting up a specific spreadsheet, it can be adapted to the specificities of the company.

Management software: a guarantee of efficiency

Several software dedicated to passenger transport exist on the market.
They will greatly facilitate your organization provided that you have access to management and planning of your missions easy to use. In addition, you will benefit from automation tools such as the automatic generation of reservation receipts or group tickets.

Thanks to a software usable in mobility when it is hosted on a web server, you will be able to work on your schedule from your vehicle between 2 missions.

The management software can be custom developed for your company or purchased from a publisher. It is up to you to determine the time you have to develop it. However, if you are in a hurry, choose a software already developed and used by your colleagues in the passenger transport industry.
Consequently, you will have their feedback as a bonus to make your choice.


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