Visual planning and real-time interactive maps
Benefit from the most efficient tools!

Discover the planning module of WAY-Plan

Record your assignments very, very quickly...

A “window guide” accelerates entering your jobs information, step by step: WAY-Plan offers you your frequent addresses, your passengers already transported, etc. It takes less than 20 seconds to register a complete service!

Airport synchronization

Anticipate a possible advance or delay of your passenger at the airport.
WAY-Plan is connected to the flight data: terminal, advance or delay, your drivers are informed in real time!


Find out the price list

of your way-plan

Offer a personalized welcome to your customers

Over time, record the habits of your passengers. These are automatically transmitted to the dispatch and to your drivers.

WAY-Plan also generates your welcome sign. This can be printed or displayed directly from the mobile application of your drivers, on a smartphone or a graphic tablet.


Visualimo is an interface INNOVATIVE to the “agenda” format which will facilitate and optimize your planning!

Over a period of 8 hours to 7 days, you can visualize all the useful data to create logical sequences : concomitant activity zones, empty miles between missions … and allocate your resources intelligently available: number of days worked consecutively by your drivers, vacations, compatibility criteria vehicles / drivers, etc.

manage emergencies from your tablet

Access the schedule while on the move. 

Enter new reservations, manage your missions and assign drivers as if you were in the office.


Your software automatically generates the mission sheets, thanks to the data entered, in a qualitative PDF format.

Your drivers receive them by email and can print them. The mission sheets are also available in the WAY-D mobile application, synchronized in real time with the schedule.

Dispatch alerts

The schedule alerts you when a check is required on an assignment.

Unassigned driver, unsuitable vehicle, emergency message to be handled: stay connected to your customers, employees and drivers to react in real time to the flow of information to be processed to optimize your services!


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Importance of schedule management in the passenger transport sector

The interfaces of schedule management allow tooptimize the use of drivers and vehicles.

This optimization is also a key factor of profitability companies in the field of passenger transportation