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Coach operator transportation:
Save time in management!

As a coach operator, you can work on 2 different types of activities:

  • regular passenger transport, for example in the context of regular shuttle services and school transport
  • tourism services: excursions, organization of group trips on behalf of associations, tour operators or works councils, among others.

What requirements for coach operators?

In most of countries, the coach operator must provide :

  • Proof of professional standing
  • proof of financial capacity,
  • a certificate of professional capacity for the transport of voyeurs with more than 9 seats. It can be obtained following an examination, a diploma equivalence or by validation of the professional experience,
  • proof of the existence of business premises
As a precautionary measure, you may wish to consult the website of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

What can I expect from my management software?

A software dedicated to passenger transport should help you to carry out the simple actions of the everyday life going from the management of the planning to the statistical analysis of your activity.

Regarding the management of your schedule, operators can :

  • To record transport missions and routes: school transport or regular shuttle service;
  • Optimize routes and frequent toursfor tourist excursions and recurring tours for example;
  • Schedule drivers, buses and other vehicles;
  • Geolocate your drivers via the application installed on their phone. Thus, you can follow the positions of your drivers in real time while they are on mission with your customers.

In addition, on the software they will be able to:

  • Manage your staff: operator, accountant and drivers (salaried drivers and subcontractors)
  • Manage your fleet of vehicles: sedans, vans, minibuses or coaches

The business activity of your passenger transport company is also centralized in the WAY-Plan software:

  • Produce complete quotes and follow up on those awaiting confirmation for passenger transport services
  • Generate your invoices at the end of the mission and manage payment deadlines

There are several management softwares for passenger transport such as WAY-Plan on the market, you will choose the software that best meets the needs of your passenger transport company.

Don’t neglect the quality of the follow-up either!
Consequently, the use of a management software must be accompanied by a personalized service. This allows your teams to make full use of all the functionalities and allows you to make your license profitable as soon as possible.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can also study the development of a customized management software…


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