Strengthen your customer relationship with WAY-Plan

Customer area, SMS, email templates and newsletters: everything to build customer loyalty.

Discover the communication module of WAY-Plan


From their dedicated online space, your customers can :

  • monitor the progress of the missions that they have entrusted to you, and to find all the useful information, such as the driver’s contact details.
  • download their price proposals in PDF format, as well as their invoices.
  • request a new shipment, which you can process without having to re-enter the mission information

Good to know You can give specific rights to each customer contact, and (for example) authorize or not the  access to the estimate and invoice documents.


WAY-Plan allows you to prepare “newsletters” to inform your customers and all the partners managed in your solution.

You decide on the date and time of your information campaign, and select all or part of the customers, drivers and/or partners you wish to associate with this mailing… WAY-Plan takes care of the rest!


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Numerous “sample formulations” are included in WAY-Plan, and you can enrich your library with your own models to quickly respond to any situation!

Automatically insert useful data in each letter template! Some examples:

  • The re-launch of a price proposal to a customer will automatically include the price and the main data of the proposed service
  • Sending a price request to the subcontractor will automatically propose the data of the mission that will be entrusted to him… etc.


Your passengers receive an SMS to :

  • confirm that their reservation has been taken into account
    to communicate the coordinates of their driver
  • reassure them about the driver’s arrival at the pick-up location
  • collect their opinions after the transport.

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