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Why a software dedicated to the On Demand Transportation?

The specificities of the on demand transport transport.

The ODT includes all companies that transport people by prior reservation. This includes light vehicles, small delivery companies, as well as coach operators.

On-demand transportation requires organization and rigor to successfully complete all the missions that customers have booked.

The requirements of Transportation on Demand

The means

For some branches of the ODT, the regulation imposes criteria to be strictly respected on the operated vehicles. Thus, you will have to check criteria such as the size of the vehicle, power, color…

The trade unions and professional organizations also have quality certifications for transport companies. The quality of services on board the vehicle and the quality of the relationship with the driver are essential elements. Obtaining this certification is an undeniable asset for winning new ODT customers. Indeed, your customers are always more demanding on the quality of service expected during their trips.

The obligation of means passes by a financial capacity and the obtaining of the professional capacity which will be required of you. The regional regulations usually check these elements when the company is registered.

Obligation of result

According to the collective agreement on which it depends, it is clearly written that a transport on demand company is bound to an obligation of result. From the moment it accepts to assign a driver for a transport, the company is obliged to carry it out successfully. We might as well have at our disposal efficient means to face these obligations…

How can a ODT software help me in my daily life?

In general, a start-up company will use the classic office automation means to manage its activity. Excel is widely used because it is quite easy to handle. With the tables, you will be able to develop cross tabulations useful for dashboards and statistics.

The manager of a ODT company opts for a management software when he needs a tool on which to rely to develop the activity. It provides effective solutions to automate a number of time-consuming tasks such as

  • a simplified billing solution. As a result, invoices are in line with the on-demand transport regulations and generated in 1 click.
  • a tool to facilitate the calculation of driver payrolls. The extraction of the summary of the hours worked by the drivers allows to prepare the payrolls.
  • automatic generation of mission sheets and welcome signs. Thus, the driver receives his collective ticket directly on his mobile application.

And above all, with your management software for on-demand transportation you will benefit from a visibility on your activity that you do not currently have. The cross statistics, activity forecasting tables… allow you to make informed decisions.


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