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Testimonials from WAY-Plan users

Daniel Jones

Director – Total Chauffeur Service

“WAY-Plan sounds us very well, not just the functionality but the way we can report with driver, affiliates trough out Europe.”

Sam Aly

Director – London VIP Group

“The software WAY-Plan is heavily developed, but also we found WAYNIUM Team was very dynamic, adaptive, flexible.”

Agency VIP Protection Limousine


Manager – Agency VIP Limousine
We love your concept, it’s a great soft that fits our expectations and the whole team is helpful and professional.

Samir Mhamedi

CEO – AvantGarde Limousines

I was looking for an intuitive tool that would meet my team’s expectations and simplify their daily lives.

Moreover, on a personal basis, I wanted a tool that included a good visibility on each commercial interaction (reminders, calls, opportunities, purchase orders, customer invoices, mission orders for drivers).

Why did I choose WAY-Plan?

For a very simple reason: all the features inherent to the sales profession are centralized in the WAY-Plan tool!

Compared to the competition, the differentiating elements were:

  • the price,
  • the speed of handling,
  • as well as the reactivity of the WAY-Plan teams.

We were able to leave behind the use of several tools that were time-consuming on a daily basis… From now on, everything is centralized in the same tool!

Jean-Noël Aimasso

CEO – Kingdom Limousines

It’s a good, intuitive software that allows us to process requests quickly. The planning is very functional.

Overall, the solution allows us to edit the invoice and send it very quickly, which is appreciated by our customers. Moreover, at a glance, we can also see the invoices pending payment.

In saving of management time, it’s simple to double. And we already had a proper solution.

Olivier GRIMAL

Manager – AVS A votre service

I started my activity as a private chauffeur looking to develop his own clientele both by prospecting and by an optimized presence on the Internet. First of all, I needed a CRM tool to manage the follow-up of my prospecting actions and my customer database. I also wanted to manage my planning and invoicing. With all these requirements in mind, I looked for a software or an application and I found a number of them.

Demanding in my research as I am demanding in my service to my clients, I tried some of these tools. And it is without the slightest hesitation that I decided to adopt WAY-Plan.

Everything I needed seemed to come together in one tool. And so it proved.

From the first contact with a prospect, I can edit a professional quote. This will be followed up with programmed follow-up actions.

After validation, the quote becomes the Reservation Form meeting all legal requirements related to our business.

Then, after the mission is completed, the invoice is generated in one click either in paper version or by email. Invoices whose history I can recover for my accountant in order to save time, and thus money.

I can only say good things about WAYNIUM, as much for the quality of the tool as for the quality of listening of each collaborator I had to deal with.

Also, it is not uncommon that by mentioning an individual need, the solution is found in the following update. A real reactivity of the programmers in order to stick to the needs of its users!

Above all, I recommend, without limit, to each professional of transport, individual VTC or fleet manager, the WAY-Plan software. Undoubtedly, it is the best solution for :

  • save time,
  • reflect a professional image
  • and maintain a network of partner drivers.


General Manage – Liaisons Directes

The WAY-Plan software is fast, intuitive to use… and we have saved a lot of time:

  • in commercial management
  • in operations and dispatch.

We have also limited data entry errors because everyone has the same information at the same time: employees, secretaries and drivers.

We’re really happy to be at WAYNIUM, we won’t go back!

Albion voyages - airport shuttle

Edouard SION

OwnerHSO Navettes Albion
We have been using the WAY-Plan software for 4 years now and we wouldn’t change it for the world. I recommend the services of WAYNIUM for the team: their availability and their reactivity. With them, a problem never drags. And while WAY-Plan isn’t haute couture, it’s still more than just tailor-made.
Asia sensation transport

Thierry Buffin

CEO – Asia Sensations
We chose WAY-Plan to facilitate the management of the large number of airport transfers that we have to make in Thailand. With the software, we have achieved our goals at 100% for limousine and tour services. On the other hand, we were perfectly accompanied during the training. So we will recommend WAY-Plan to our colleagues without any hesitation.

Karim Barika

CEO – Transfert VIP

WAY-Plan has allowed me to pass a milestone in the evolution of my company.

Management of schedules, creation of missions as well as customer care are the features of the software that I appreciate the most. I also use the numerous statistics tables that allow me to have an in-depth analysis of my company and my activity.

Samuel Samiinia

CEO – Pick Me Up

Having an increasing volume of races we needed a tool to manage our activity. WAY-Plan corresponds totally to our expectations, it is quite intuitive to use.

The functionalities that bring the most to the organization of our company are the planning and reservation requests entered directly by customers.

I am also very satisfied with the support service.

Lydia Chammakhi

Sales Manager – Paris Best Way

Since we adopted WAY-Plan, customers are responding to us faster, and in a positive way. Our turnover has increased and our customer base as well.

We are also more reactive for our partners, they have their mission sheet easily and quickly.

Our employees are delighted to be able to use it easily, the software is modern, interactive and responsive (editor’s note: the responsive webdesign allows use on a desktop and on a tablet).

Alejandro Rey

CEO – Rey Transfert

The WAY-Plan software allows us to better monitor our missions and centralizes all the useful data for the company in one place.

Latest technical inspections of vehicles, latest repairs, drivers’ IDs….everything is at hand.

Automatically send emails to customers when our drivers are on assignment is also, for us, the major asset of the software. These notifications are very much appreciated by our partners.

Thanks to the software, we now have a clear overview of the progress of our business as well as everything that surrounds our profession.

Mohamed Harraoui

CEO – ICS Paris

Really I was in the stone age before WAY-Plan, today I consider my time saving of 40 to 50 % and I gained in work comfort.

I also communicate better with my drivers and I have more peace of mind regarding the regulations. I am sure that you have the best product on the market that meets my needs perfectly, never a bug, very good support. Moreover, the price is very reasonable.

I’ve had a lot of compliments from my clients, on all the documents generated by WAY-Plan (quotes, invoices, emails). It looks really professional and it also reassures .

Etienne Carreno

General manager – 1ère Classe

We are very happy with the WAY-Plan software and its accuracy.

It’s great to have visibility on our company’s figures and statistics in real time, figures that we used to spend several days to have with our old management system!

We are also very satisfied with your availability and responsiveness to answer our questions.

Loïc Gourvennec

Owner – Atlantique Berlines

Atlantique Berlines is one of the leaders in VIP transport of people in passenger vehicles with drivers in the South-West region. Our company needed a solution to manage its activity, from sales to production.

The WAY-Plan solution has not only saved time for our teams, but also a very precise follow-up of our clients’ missions!

Rodrigo Portela

General manager – Duga Paris

Thank you for your product! It really helps us a lot.

Patrick Viator

CEO – O&P Limousine

The management software is really useful for my light passenger transport business, the updates are regular and the dynamic team is always listening.

This is a real positive change for my company! Thank you to all your team!

Sergeï Tokus

Operations Manager – First Luxury Cars

A short message to thank you and all the team for your work in the development of the WAY-Plan software. As a former webdesigner, I know the work it takes to reach this level of efficiency and stability.

This product today allows me to save a lot of time with my customers who are more and more demanding. Thank you again for your work.

Didier Marquer

Founder – Agence Vip Car

A huge gratitude to Bruno and his charming team who allowed us to pass from the stone age to the modern era.

Since the adoption, we have seen an increase in the ratio of quotes to actual orders.

Thank you to the WAY-Plan teams who helped me to set up the software. The quality of the follow-up is one of the big advantages of the solution. There is always someone to answer my questions and give me the best advice to optimize my use!


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