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Our objective: make your life easier, and help you to achieve your goals!

Drivers / Vehicles included
Mission planning and Visualimo
Mobilimo on the move management
Sales management quotes and invoices
Emails templates, Newsletters and SMS module
WAY-D Driver app
Customer area and online booking
Payroll data export and personnel register
Online payment
Accounting export
WAY-Plan API connection
Collaborative platform
Additional services
Customized quote or invoice template
On-site training
On request
On request
On request
On request

More than a software: WAY-Plan is a team at your service

Installation and setup

After installation on our secure servers, we configure the software to your colors and to the specificities of your company (e.g. adding an additional language for communication with your foreign customers).

Training and support

Training sessions at a distance or on our premises are organized with the operational team: our trainers take charge of you and adapt to your constraints. As a training center, we have the experience and skills to guarantee you a successful entry into WAY-Plan!

Customized follow-up and advice

You stay connected to our support team, which provides you with answers to your questions, as well as many useful tips to facilitate your daily use of WAY-Plan.

Updates and comply with regulations

WAY-Plan is constantly enriched with new functionalities, to improve its efficiency but also to respect the social and fiscal regulations of your activity sector. You can automatically benefit from all the evolutions of the software.

Pricing: what software do you want? And what are your service requirements?

WAY-Plan offers a discounted price. Of course, the high-end service associated with the software is not free, but it is still affordable, even for a very small passenger transport company that is just starting out! An affordable price, yes, but no concessions on innovation, and on the daily follow-up of its customers ….

What is the pricing structure of your WAY-Plan transportation software?

Setting up your dedicated and secure technical infrastructure

Our team installs your software within 15 working days. WAY-Plan works in “web” mode. First, we create your dedicated hosting space on the server designed to host your transportation management solution. For your security, the data and files of your software will be regularly backed up on a remote server. To guarantee the confidentiality of your data, you have access to your own online solution, installed in a space that is exclusively reserved for it.

Installation and customization of your WAY-Plan software

hen we install your WAY-Plan software in its latest version. Mission sheets, estimates and PDF invoices: we insert your logo, your header and footer details.


Customized training Then, you are trained in two steps by your dedicated consultant. First, the first training session focuses on entering the mission and managing your booking schedule. Then, the second training session focuses on invoicing and rate entry. Afterwards, if you need additional training, the software fee remains the same.

Monthly services also included in the price of your transport software

WAY-Plan’s formulas are clear. The services included in your license are :
  • Monthly rental of your online hosting space (server).(serveur).
  • Unlimited user support

Free maintenance and technical updates

WAY-Plan evolves regularly. The price of the software includes all the updates that improve the functionalities of your solution. Our team trains you on the new features developed. It also provides you with tutorials to allow you to deepen your use of the WAY-Plan software.