School transportation: a simplified management

Why a management software for school transport?

The management of transportation for school transportation requires a well-tried organization.

Between the definition of the rounds, the planning of the drivers and the management of the unforeseen, the management software used must correspond to the requirements of the trade.

How to become an actor of the School Transportation?

To develop a school transportation activity or a transport of people with reduced mobility (TPMR), you must

  • be a holder of a light passenger transport qualification
  • to have completed a specific training course for people with reduced mobility, attesting to your ability to accompany such handicapped persons

The driver-accompanist will have to demonstrate driving skills and real abilities to adapt to the situation of the people they will transport. These people can be elderly people as well as people with motor, mental or psychic disabilities.

Who to approach for school transport and PRMT contracts?

Transportation of reduced mobility students must be covered by the department’s social action program. Therefore, the principle of the Department’s coverage of travel expenses applies to disabled students attending general or higher education institutions who cannot use public transportation due to the severity of their disability, as medically established.”

In many cases, you will need to respond to a public transport tender to obtain a contract. The contract will be concluded over a given period of time (one year or more) with a local authority or a school transport service provider looking for subcontractors.

Why a management and planning software?

A school transport management software meets 3 main objectives:

1. Reduce time-consuming tasks: prepare your rounds and recurring missions

In a TPMR management software, features will be integrated to facilitate the daily work of the operation.
An example? The management of rounds and routes!

Thus, in WAY-plan you can :

  • Prepare your tour itineraries, with an optimization of the time/kilometers traveled
  • Manage the presence of passengers at each stage, in each tour
  • Plan in a few clicks the tours over the duration of a contract or over a range of dates
  • Passenger attendance elements are reflected in the billing

A good preparation of the routes and the rounds allows any transport company to optimize its costs by the reduction of the number of kilometers travelled and the time spent on the road by the drivers…

2. To have a visibility of its activity

  • Have access to a readable schedule and accessible in real time,
  • Change a driver from one school tour to another in 2 clicks,
  • Respond to occasional PRMT transport quickly.

Immediate and medium-term visibility is crucial for the development of a school transport company, as it is for any other transport company. passenger transport on demand.

3. Structuring your business

  • Tools to manage the staff of salaried and temporary drivers,
  • Plan the overhaul of the vehicle fleet,
  • Offer a customer area to facilitate transportation reservations
  • To know if the projected turnover of the month is well realized thanks to dashboards and statistics …

Structuring your company is already a good way to respond to a call for tenders from PRMT which will allow an expansion of your turnover.
Moreover, a management software such as WAY-plan is often part of the prerequisites for responding to public tenders for school transport and PRMT.


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