WAY-Corp Network

WAY-Corp is the corporate network of the elite passenger transport companies

The service is based on the WAY-Plan management platform, recognized by your profession as the best management system dedicated to passenger transport

Efficiency and time saving

It takes only a few clicks to find the right partner or to respond to requests from customers

All useful data are transmitted: no re-entering of information!

Ease of communication

The WAY-tchat is the ideal tool to exchange with your partners …
A real asset to guarantee reactivity and adaptability in all situations.

2 modes of collaboration

Subcontracting mode I invoice my customer, and my partner invoices me

Commission mode my partner invoices the customer, and I invoice him a commission


The history of exchanges between partners is formalized and recorded in real time in an easy-to-access logbook!


I am looking for quality partners to provide services


I visualize the partners who can take care of my mission

Call for tenders

I select those I wish to solicit for my tender process


I receive proposals: I choose my partner


I follow in real time the progress of the mission