WAY-Plan est un service WAYNIUM

Business Solution for People Transport Companies

WAY-Corp is the corporate network for elite passenger transportation.

The service is founded on WAY-Plan management software, which is recognized by your profession as the best system dedicated to managing people transportation.

Why use WAY-Corp

Effective and time saving

You only need a few clicks to find the right partner or to reply to the requests from the order givers

Only the relevant data is transmitted with no need for retyping at any stage

Easy communication

The “Way-chat” is the ideal tool for sharing information with your partner …
A real advantage for guaranteeing responsiveness and flexibility in all sorts of situations.

Two ways to cooperate

“Subcontracting” mode: i bill my customer, and my subcontractor bills me

“Commission” mode: my partner bills the customer, and I bill my partner for commission


A log file of all transactions and exchanges is easy to consult for both partners, updated in real time!

How it works

I am looking for high quality partners to carry out assignments

  • icone I see a display of the partners who are capable of performing the job
  • icone I make a short list of partners
    for a competitive bid.
  • icone I receive their propositions:
    I select the right partner.
  • icone I monitor in real time the progress of the assignment

You already use WAY-Plan, and you want to know more about Way-Corp ?