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Advanced planning tools

Intuitive entry of your missions, registration of your frequent addresses, visual planning and interactive map in real time, airport synchronization, dispatch alerts, and many other advanced functions for optimize your trips.

Quotes and invoices

Reservation request form, rate grids, margin optimization, recurring missions, quotes and invoices in compliance with regulations: everything for develop your business activity!

WAY-D drivers app

App on Android and Apple Store, push notifications for new missions and eventual modifications, check-in to inform customers and passengers in real time, geolocation, expense report, welcome signs … You stay connected with your drivers.

For professionals with high standards

Customer communication

Dedicated online space for your customers, automatic SMS to passengers, email templates for professional communication, quality documents and statements, everything for strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Administrative management

Payment reminders, preparation of driver payrolls, commission vouchers, export of invoices to accounting: take advantage of the power of WAY-Plan to save time and efficiency!


More than 50 statistics to analyze your activity, a traceability of all the actions of your employees, alerts to manage the maintenance of your fleet of vehicles. WAY-Plan helps you manage your business.

WAY-Plan in a nutshell

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The most demanding transport companies in the market trust WAY-Plan!

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SECURE Architecture

Your solution benefits from a synchronized architecture on 2 servers hosted in different data centers. WAY-Plan is whatever happens 100% available for your teams.

3 reasons to use a management software for passenger transportation

On-demand transportation is a business where quality is at the heart of the strategy of the company that operates it. The rigor with which each TPRP or VTC company will plan and follow up the services provided will be a determining factor in building customer loyalty, which is often recurrent.

To manage large volumes of missions, only an excellent organization, coupled with efficient work tools, can achieve this goal. Every second counts, the software allows you to devote more time to your client, and less to administrative management!

For a so-called “high-end” clientele (business or VIP customers), the customer area and the associated communication tools are not only an important time-saver for WAY-Plan users, but also and above all a guarantee of professionalism to confirm without forgetting the errands requested by the customers.

Since 2009, the laws have been constantly changing in the passenger transport sector: not only for coach operators, but for all transport companies of travelers in general.

Some examples of features offered by the software, directly impacted by the regulatory changes:

  • the edition of the personnel register, and the social constraints allowing to calculate the hourly amplitude of the drivers
  • the certificate presented to the cab and boer police by the drivers on mission
  • the display of VAT rates and mandatory annotations, such as the CO2 rate calculated for each mission, present on the invoices