Evolution : Duplicating a file

Evolution LIMO : La duplication de dossier

The duplication of file was thought for the companies of transport of people which must treat :

  • annual transport contracts (e.g.: school transport, company shuttle…)
  • recurrent transport of people (e.g.: a person who mandates you for the same journey every Monday and Friday for 4 months)

The principle:

  1. Create your referral file for the first month of service:
    1. Insert the missions in this file: dates, times and places
      Note: you can duplicate the recurring missions to create your file more easily
    2. Insert the pricing lines thanks to the catalog of services entered in the settings
    3. Generate the quote for this file.
  2. Click on the “Duplicate this file” button to access the duplication form:
    1. Select the date of the first mission of the file
    2. Select the missions to duplicate
    3. Adjust the dates of the missions to be performed
    4. Click on “Create the folder”

Your new file is created, it contains the next missions created on the dates defined before. The rates are included if you wish.
All you have to do is assign the driver and the car and invoice the file at the end of the month!
You can duplicate a file once or several times.

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