Geolocation of drivers

Geolocation of your drivers

You don’t know where your professional vehicles are? The journeys made? Discover the geolocation solution of your drivers on WAY-Plan which will become one of your favorite tools and will be essential for your company.

Since 2 months, a global map of drivers’ geolocation is available on your software in the Visualimo planning. This functionality has been improved in order to offer you a visualization of the position of the drivers using the WAY-D application, accurate to 50 meters.

carte de geolocalisation des chauffeurs

The objective of this geolocation

  • To follow / justify / invoice a service
  • Ensure the safety of the employee, the people transported and the vehicle (for which he is responsible)
  • To ensure a follow-up of the working time
  • To be able to position drivers according to their locations

A good use of this geolocation map on your vehicles allows you to save money thanks to a better optimization of your fleets. It also acts on the environment (e.g.: fight against fuel waste).

A geolocation of the drivers which acts on your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The main objective is to implement a maximum of good practices for the environment and its protection. A responsible company proposes a wide range of actions and values to be adapted according to its activity. This traceability tool is a good practice to minimize the negative effects that the races have on the environment. You will be able to optimize your drivers’ empty travel time by planning, for example, the closest driver for a last minute trip according to his real time location, the passenger’s location and the drop off location.

New filters available

It is finally possible to filter the drivers visible on the map according to :

  • Their geolocation status,
  • The name of the driver,
  • The vehicle driven (=information entered in the geolocated vehicle number),
  • The name of the next location.

recherche chauffeurs geolocalises

Do not hesitate to ask for a demonstrationto

check if the function of geolocation of the drivers corresponds to your company of transport of people.

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