5 reflexes for an efficient return to work vtc loti

Analyze your activity

To prepare the coming year, you must first make an assessment of the past months. Detail your turnover by type of customer, type of services, vehicle…and take stock: what worked? what needs to be improved?

Create your vision of your company for the coming months

What services do I want to develop in the coming year?
What are the 3 points I want to improve in the organization of my company for the next 6 months?
What means do I want to devote to these projects to move forward (time, skills, tools, investments…)?

Strengthen relationships with your existing colleagues

Your colleagues are important, they are both: potential customers and potential subcontractors.
Devote time to them: call them, organize lunches… the world of passenger transport is very small, each link with a colleague counts.

Expand your network

A network is maintained, it grows with each meeting, we don’t teach you anything 😉 In addition to strengthening your relationships with your colleagues, go to events related to transport: trade shows, seminars of trade unions (CSNERT, FFEVTC, for example)… There are plenty of possibilities.

Dare to create a link with your customers

What binds the customer to your company is not your price list: it is the relationship of trust that exists between you. If your customers know they can count on the quality of your services, they will recommend you.
Take an appointment with your customers and listen to their needs, it is the best way to understand their expectations (cars, drivers’ skills, communication tools…) and build their loyalty.

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