Discover WAY-Corp : the network of the elite of the transport of people

For a few days, WAY-Plan users have been testing the Beta version of a major development: the collaborative network between WAYNIUM passenger transport professionals called WAY-Corp.

How does the WAY-Corp network work?

The collaborative network is made up of all the companies of transport of people LOTI and VTC which use WAY-Plan for the management of their company. The first objective is to enable them to subcontract transport missions more efficiently between themselves and to give themselves the opportunity to develop their activity in catchment areas or services that have not been exploited until now

WAY-Corp relies on the WAY-Plan technological tool to offer companies real transparency and the necessary traceability so that the principal can follow the progress of his client’s mission in the field as if the subcontractor’s driver were one of his employees

Another strong idea of the network is to favor direct subcontracting in order to keep the maximum control of the service given to the final customer.

How can we be sure that the companies in the network are reliable and deliver quality services?

The companies that use WAY-Plan all have common objectives:

  • to structure the organization of their company
  • to improve their brand image
  • to increase the rate of transformation of quotations into effective orders
  • to save management time

Finding quality subcontractors will be an additional objective for the users… and all of them will be on an equal footing: they all use the same management tool!

Each user of the network has the possibility to :

  • Contact his colleagues directly
  • Build a selection of “favorites
  • Blacklist” a colleague so as not to receive any more requests from him.

If we detect that a company has been “blacklisted” several times, we will carry out thorough investigations and it could be excluded from the network. This company will not be able to receive missions but will continue to use Limo for the management of its transport company (internal planning, invoicing, emails…).

Who sets the prices on WAY-Corp ?

The prices are freely fixed between the companies, negotiated at each transport service if necessary

How much does WAY-Corp cost?

Currently the network is in Beta version, to know its price please refer to our Offerspage

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