Geolocation of your drivers

How does it work?

Your driver can view his daily schedule on his mobile application
He can also upload a digital mission sheet to present to the control authorities. This mission sheet is also called “roadmap” or “collective ticket”, the digital document made available to drivers complies with the regulations in force,

During the mission in progress, your driver informs you of the progress of the mission:

  1. His departure from his garage
  2. The arrival of the first passenger at the pick-up location
  3. The good assumption of responsibility of the passengers on board of the car
  4. If programmed, the collection of the amount of the mission.

On the planning side, what feedback do you get?

You visualize this progress AND the position of the driver on a map, directly on your schedule.

If your customer calls you to check the arrival of your driver, you will know how to answer him precisely!

The hours clocked in by your drivers are stored to be used in pre-payment in a complete summary that you can extract in table format.

See the page dedicated to the VTC chauffeur WAY-D application

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