Highlights of 2014

2 major partnerships

The year 2014 was marked by the concretization of partnerships with the 2 professional chambers of the VTC: the CNSERT from March and the FF-EVT in the weeks that followed.
Each represents several dozen, even hundreds, of members concerned about being the heirs of the Grande Remise, an undeniable guarantee of quality.

Thanks to the implementation of these partnerships, we were invited to present LIMO during regional and general assemblies:

  • with the CSNERT : in March in Nice and in April in Paris
  • with the FF-EVTC : in May and in November in Lyon

A big thank you to these 2 trade unions for their warm welcome at each of the events in which we participated. We also take this opportunity to salute their actions during the consultations with the ministries on the famous Thévenoud law

The rise in performance of the software

Limo has benefited from more than 35 evolutions !

Objective: to meet the new regulatory constraints and the performance requirements of our users

Among the most important evolutions, it is worth noting :

  • The improvement of planning tools with the development of Visual Limo: a synthetic planning to dispatch drivers and vehicles on a single screen.
  • Easier management of payments: at any time, you have access to the list of invoices awaiting payment and can send reminders to customers.
  • SMS : since a few weeks, you can send SMS to your customers and passengers directly from LIMO thanks to the implementation of a sending platform
  • The implementation of the Mobilimo web app to facilitate the work in mobility : you can visualize your planning and act on the missions from your phone and/or your tablet
  • The improvement of the driver mobile space with Limo Driver: each driver has access to a mobile interface to visualize his planning and to point out the progress of each mission.
    The particularity of Limo Driver and Mobilimo: these web app also work when the user has no network

New users in France, in the DOM-TOM and in Belgium

Limo is also gaining in power because it is used by more and more passenger transport companies. The activities of Limo users are varied:

  • VTC
  • TPRP
  • TPMR and passenger assistance
  • Tourist guides
  • Concierge services…

Their common desire: to rely on a complete software solution to structure and develop their business

On the road to 2015

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to our users for their trust and collaboration. At its launch, we wanted to make LIMO a collaborative solution that adapts to the needs of its users and this is what is happening.

So… let’s go for 2015 with more evolutions and new Limonesque adventures!


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