How to use WAY-Corp to find elite partners for your transport missions during major events

When organising major events such as conferences, festivals, trade fairs or sporting events, managing the transport of participants and guests is of paramount importance. To guarantee a quality service and meet your customers’ high expectations, it’s essential to find elite transport partners. In this article, we’ll explore how to use WAY-Corp, an advanced transport management solution, to identify and select the best partners for your transport assignments at major events.

Introduction to the WAY-Corp solution

WAY-Corp is the corporate network of the elite passenger transport companies that makes it easy to find, select and manage transport partners for your clients. It offers a centralised platform where you can find trusted partners specialising in high-end transport services.

WAY-Corp offers two modes of collaboration: subcontracting mode and commission mode. In subcontracting mode, you outsource the entire transport mission to a trusted partner. You give them responsibility for managing all aspects of the assignment, from planning to execution, including coordination with drivers and vehicles. This mode is ideal if you want to delegate complete transport management to a trusted partner and concentrate on other aspects of your event.

Commission mode, on the other hand, allows you to work closely with the transport partner. You act as an intermediary between the end customer and the partner, managing customer relations and communication. You use the WAY-Corp platform to create assignments, allocate drivers and vehicles, monitor progress and manage payments and invoices. This mode gives you greater control and flexibility in managing transport assignments, while benefiting from the reliability and expertise of a trusted partner.

Whichever collaboration mode you choose, WAY-Corp offers advanced features to make managing transport assignments easier. You can search for and select partners based on specific criteria, such as location, fleet size, vehicle types and required certifications. You can also consult ratings and comments from previous customers to help you make your choice. The WAY-Corp platform allows you to create, plan and monitor transport assignments, manage payments and invoices, and generate detailed reports for later analysis.

How to Use WAY-Corp to Find Partners

Step 1: Create an account on WAY-Corp

To get started, create an account on the WAY-Corp platform by providing your basic information. Once your account has been created, you will be able to access all the features and start finding potential partners.

Step 2: Define your search criteria

Before sending out a call for tenders, define your search criteria to find the partners that best meet your needs. This can include criteria such as location, fleet size, certifications, vehicle types, etc. By defining specific criteria, you will refine your search and find more relevant partners.

Step 3: Search for potential partners

Use the search function on WAY-Corp to find potential partners based on your criteria. Browse partners’ profiles, view their detailed information, ratings and comments left by other users. Take the time to assess their skills, experience and reputation so you can make an informed decision.

Step 4: Select partners

Once you’ve identified potential partners, select the ones that best match your needs. You can create a shortlist of the partners best suited to your event. Review their profiles, service offerings and availability to ensure they can meet your specific requirements.

Step 5: Send a call for tender

Use WAY-Corp’s call for tenders feature to send a formal request to your selected partners. Clearly specify your expectations, event details, dates, transport requirements and payment terms. This step allows partners to submit their competitive bids and offer their services for your event.

Step 6: Evaluate the responses and make your choice

Once you have received the partners’ responses, take the time to evaluate their offers, rates and conditions. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal and take into account other users’ ratings and comments on the partners. After careful evaluation, select the partner that best meets your needs and expectations.

Step 7: Finalise the details and work together

Once you’ve chosen your partner, finalise the details of the transport assignment. Use the WAY-Corp platform to communicate with the partner, share event-specific information and coordinate all logistical aspects. Make sure you provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration.

By following these steps, you can make effective use of WAY-Corp to find potential partners for your transport assignments at events and exhibitions..

Choosing the Right Partner with WAY-Corp

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate partner from among the respondents to the call for tenders on WAY-Corp, it is essential to take certain key criteria into account. Here are a few points to consider:

Reputation and reviews: Take a look at reviews and comments left by other users on partners. This will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of their service. Partners with good ratings are often a safe choice.

Experience and skills: Check partners’ experience and skills in carrying out transport assignments similar to yours. Look for evidence of their expertise and ability to manage major events.

Service offering: Evaluate the proposals submitted by partners in terms of rates, geographical coverage, vehicle availability, ability to meet your specific requirements, etc. Compare the different offers carefully to find the one that best meets your needs.

Communication: Communication is crucial to a successful collaboration. Use WAY-chat to interact with potential partners and ask further questions about their offers, capabilities, policies, etc. Clear and effective communication is essential to ensure mutual understanding and smooth coordination.

WAY-chat makes it easy to communicate with partners on the WAY-Corp platform. You can chat directly with partners to exchange information, clarify points, negotiate terms and conditions and coordinate mission details. This ensures transparent and rapid communication, eliminating delays and potential misunderstandings.

By using WAY-chat, you can establish a relationship of trust with your potential partners and obtain all the information you need to make an informed decision. It also facilitates the rapid resolution of any problems or concerns that may arise before or during the transport mission.

Monitoring the Progress of the Mission with WAY-Plan

Once you have selected a partner and the transport mission is underway, WAY-Plan lets you track its progress in real time. Here’s how you can use WAY-Plan to track your WAY-Corp mission progress:

Real-time tracking: Thanks to WAY-Plan’s real-time tracking function, you can view the vehicle’s geographical position in real time on a map. This lets you know exactly where the vehicle is at all times, giving you full visibility of the mission’s progress.

Notifications and updates: WAY-Plan sends regular notifications and updates on the progress of the mission. You’ll receive notifications of any route changes, delays or other important events. These notifications allow you to stay informed and make timely decisions.

Mission history: WAY-Plan records a detailed history of each mission. This includes information such as departure time, stops made, arrival time, any delays, important events, etc. The history allows you to consult the details of the mission at any time and to take this information into account for future planning.

Recording the history in WAY-Plan is an important feature that allows you to keep track of all past missions. This can be useful for performance analysis, invoicing, problem solving or simply to have a reference for similar assignments in the future.


Managing transport missions during major events presents unique challenges that require an efficient and reliable approach. WAY-Plan is positioned as a complete solution integrating WAY-Corp to meet these challenges and ensure the success of your transport operations.

With WAY-Corp, you have access to a network of elite partners who have been rigorously evaluated, ensuring you work together with confidence. The platform facilitates the partner search, tender and selection process, simplifying your decision-making.

Fluid and efficient communication is also facilitated by WAY-Chat, enabling rapid and transparent interaction between you, the partners and the players involved in the mission.

Real-time monitoring of mission progress and logging in WAY-Plan keep you informed at every stage of the process. This means you can react quickly to changes and make informed decisions to ensure the mission runs smoothly.

By using WAY-Plan, you can optimise your transport operations during major events, improve efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from all the advantages WAY-Corp has to offer and guarantee the success of your transport missions.

Rely on WAY-Corp to facilitate the search for elite partners, mission management and transparent communication. With WAY-Corp, you can meet the challenges of major events with confidence and successfully achieve your transport objectives.

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