How WAY-Corp can help you to find new transport partners and grow your network for your chauffeuring business

In the passenger transportation sector, it is important to find new partners and to develop existing relationships in order to maintain and increase the activity of the company. In fact, a strong network of partners can allow a transportation company to:

  • Increase its transportation capacity to meet increased demand of services.
  • Access new markets and offer a more complete range of services.
  • Reduce its costs by outsourcing costly activities or benefiting from lower labor costs in other regions.
  • Access specialized skills for certain transportation activities.
  • Focus on the strategic activities of the company by outsourcing less important tasks.

To find new transportation partners and develop existing relationships, a company can use management tools such as WAY-Corp, which allows you to find partners and manage collaborations efficiently. By establishing good relationships with their partners, a transportation company can ensure the growth of its activity and effectively meet the needs of its clients. WAY-Corp helps you achieve your goals by providing a platform to find new partners and manage your collaborations efficiently.

What is WAY-Corp and how does it work ?

WAY-Corp is a collaboration network for passenger transportation companies that use the WAY-Plan management platform. It allows companies to find partners and subcontractors to meet transport requests, using a chat tool to communicate with them. WAYCorp also offers 2 modes of collaboration, subcontracting or commission-based. The network also allows real-time tracking of the missions progress entrusted to partners. By using WAY-Corp, transportation companies can achieve several important goals:

  • Increase their transportation capacity : by working with other transportation companies on the network, they can increase their ability to meet increased transport demand, using their partners’ vehicles and drivers when their own fleet is already in service.
  • Expand their range of services : by working with transportation companies of different types of vehicles on the network, they can offer a wider range of services.

Here’s how WAY-Corp works:

  • Users can view potential partners for a mission using numerous search criteria, including location
  • Users can select the partners they wish to solicit and send a request for proposal
  • Users can choose the partner that best suits their needs
  • Users can track the progress of the mission in real time through an easily accessible logbook

The advantages of joining WAY-Corp :

  • Efficiency and time-saving

It takes just a few clicks to find the right partner or respond to requests from clients. All the necessary information is provided: no need to re-enter data!

  • Easy communication

The WAY-chat is the perfect tool for exchanging with your partners. A real asset to ensure reactivity and adaptability in all situations.

  • Obtaining assignments

By using WAY-Corp, you can access new assignments and clients through your partner network. You can also take advantage of subcontracting opportunities offered by your partners to increase your turnover.

Why having a strong network of partners and subcontractors is important for a private chauffeur company ?

By working with partners or subcontractors, you can flexibly increase your capacity according to your customers’ demand. You don’t need to hire new staff or buy new vehicles to meet a temporary increase of demand.

You also have access to a wider variety of vehicles and types of transport, which can help you meet a wider range of customer demands. In addition, by working with partners and subcontractors, you can also gain access to new customers, which can help you grow your business and increase your turnover.

You also benefit from their expertise and skills, enabling you to offer an even more comprehensive range of services and meet your customers’ needs even more effectively.

How to use WAY-Plan to find new transport partners through WAY-Corp and grow your network ?

To get qualified subcontracting assignments from leading companies on WAY-Corp: using WAY-Plan is the key to accessing this service and reassuring your customers.

Create a WAY-Corp account on the Way-Plan dashboard, fill in your profile with information about your company, your fleet and your transport services. After creating your account, you can use the partner search function to find companies that match your criteria, such as location, vehicle type and service level.
Simply send a request for proposal to the partners you are interested in and wait for their response.

How WAY-Plan’s features can streamline the management of your partners network ?

Way-Plan offers many features to simplify the management of your partner network and improve your efficiency. Here are some examples:

The Planning module: This real-time scheduling tool allows you to track your partners’ assignments and make sure everything is going according to plan. You can also use the Schedule to optimise your own planning and minimise unnecessary trips.

WAY-Chat: This instant messaging service allows you to easily chat with your partners and track the progress of your assignments in real time. This allows you to better manage your relationships with your partners and respond quickly to your customers’ requests.

Customer and driver databases: WAY-Plan allows you to easily store and manage all your customer and driver information, including customer preferences, driver schedules and available vehicles. This allows you to better manage your fleet and provide a better quality of service to your customers.

Billing system: WAY-Plan automatically handles all commission and assignment billing, saving you time and avoiding errors. You can also use the billing system to track your partners’ payments and make sure everything is in order.

By using these features, you can simplify the management of your partner network and improve your efficiency.

In conclusion

If you are a passenger transportation company and are looking for a way to grow your business and find new transportation partners, we encourage you to try WAY-Plan and WAY-Corp. These tools have been designed to help passenger transportation companies manage and grow their business in an efficient and professional manner.

By using WAY-Plan, you will benefit from a visual scheduling and real-time interactive maps. Payment tracking, communication tools with your clients and partners, and many other features designed to help you manage your business efficiently.

By using WAY-Corp, you can easily find new transportation partners and grow your network. The service allows you to view partners who can handle your mission. Select those you wish to solicit, send a request for proposal and choose the partner. You will be able to follow the progress of the mission in real time.

We are confident that using WAY-Plan and WAY-Corp can have a positive impact on your chauffeur business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about these services. +44 7955 356 210

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