Security : Storage of personal data

The data of your VTC company

Security: Storage of personal data. It seems obvious … and yet, too few professionals of the transport of people are aware of it: it is important to set up precise processes regarding the personal data of your customers and passengers transported.

As a passenger transport professional, you store the data :

  • your VTC* company : planning, sales, drivers, vehicles, …
  • your customers
  • the passengers you transport

Would you leave your customer file available to everyone? Of course NOT!

So, make sure to :

  • Secure the storage of your company’s commercial data: customer database, issued invoices, lists of confirmed transport reservations and quotes awaiting confirmation,…
  • Create a regular backup: store on an external hard drive for example, even if the data is online.
  • Setup a backup procedure to continue your VTC transport activity, to reach your customers, in case of technical failure of your operating support.

sécurité logiciel vtc

The storage of your customers’ personal data

In the age of RGPD*, the storage of your customers’ personal data is an important issue. And in fact, to run your VTC business, you hold a lot of the personal information of the passengers you transport, especially when you want to provide an additional service to the passenger in the car and not just take them from point A to point B :

  • telephone numbers,
  • e-mail,
  • personal address,
  • sometimes personal details that the driver needs to know in order to provide them with an additional service during transportation,
  • personal trips,
  • business trips.

Yes, people’s movements are part of their personal data!

Intercepting information about a VTC transport being performed for a person can harm the person’s interests.
In the case of a VTC ordered for a professional transport, it is for the client or the employer of the transported passenger that it can be prejudicial.

You use a management software for your VTC activity

When you decided to equip yourself with a VTC management software, you signed a contract with the software publisher. The conditions of storage of your customers’ data are noted in the general conditions of sale and use of the VTC software.

Good to know: When tendering for VTC transport services, more and more companies are asking for guarantees regarding compliance with the RGPD. The editor of your VTC management software can assist you and answer your questions on the subject.

logiciel gestion VTC

If using free software

If using free software is tempting for a VTC entrepreneur who is starting out, he must ask himself the question of his responsibility.

When your customers entrust you with their personal data, your VTC company guarantees their protection as well as their non-disclosure to third parties.

When it’s free, the product is you!

This sentence, now well known, illustrates the phenomenon of “free” applications that have emerged for more than a decade. These applications are practical, fun and free in the first sense of the word: you don’t have to pay 1€ to use them.

If you use free software (Google Calendar, Gmail, Exchange, …), make sure where your data is stored? who has access to it? what is written in the T&C about it?

In short, for your security and that of your customers,

Protect yourself and choose a safe and RGPD compliant data storage method.

For a VTC company, protecting its data to the maximum is also a step towards a sustainable and responsible approach. It is also a commercial argument that shows your willingness to put in place stable procedures to protect your customers.

If you use a management software for VTC and transport of people, ask the software publisher for a copy of its RGPD policy.

For WAY-Plan users, here is the document to download: RGPD compliance at WAYNIUM. You can also contact your consultant for any additional information.

When it comes to security: Storage of personal data must be one of your priorities.

* VTC : Car of tourism with driver

* RGPD : General Data Protection Regulation

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