Security: update your employee profile

How do you update your employee profile?

To ensure security: Update your employee profile. Since this summer, your employee profile contains a “security e-mail” field.

Once filled in, you activate 2 important functions to reinforce the security of your WAY-Plan:

  • receive “forgotten password” emails
  • enable the “login alert” security feature

The “security email” field is a mandatory field to fill in!

Our advice: note an individual address in security email, not a team address.

Once the field is filled in, 2 important functions are activated

1. Initialization / modification of the password

From the login page, you can trigger an automatic email to reset your password.

When a new employee profile is created, the same email is sent so that the person can create their own password.

And always: all your collaborators’ passwords are encrypted. No one can read them, not even access their own password.

2. Login alert by IP address

If someone logs in from an address different from your usual IP address, you will receive this email:

If you did not initiate this connection, change your connection password as soon as possible by following the link in the email!

Reminder of the usual recommendations for password management

  • Use a unique password for each service.
  • Choose a password that is not related to you (e.g. no company name, no date of birth)
  • Renew your passwords regularly. Every 90 days is a good compromise for systems containing sensitive data.
  • Don’t store passwords in a file on a computer, let alone on an easily accessible paper.
  • Don’t send your own passwords to your personal email.
  • Configure software, including your web browser, so that it does not “remember” chosen passwords.

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