Testimony of Paris Best Way

Hello Lydia, can you introduce Paris Best Way in a few words?
in Paris, our agency Paris Best Way has been offering the best services in the field of private transportation for over 15 years. Our objective being the satisfaction and the loyalty of our French and international customers, we do everything possible to offer a service with the most attractive quality/price ratio in Paris.

What guided you to choose WAY-Plan?
Marie-Laure’s welcome and insight 🙂 The modern, interactive and responsive side of the software

What are your general impressions of the software?

  • Quality of the available functionalities and induced work processes
    You have thought about many details that are quite complex, your experience with people in the field and transport companies have allowed you to better understand our needs and to answer them while combining flexibility and dynamism.
  • Pleasant to use on a daily basis?
    Yes, everywhere in the office, at home, on a trip, it’s fun and fast. We can access it on our tablet or phone at any time.It makes our daily work much easier.

Do you think that WAY-Plan has brought a gain to your company in terms of :

  • Optimized management time ? (estimate per week if possible)
    Time is money!!! and WAY-Plan has understood that. My invoices are generated more quickly (just after the service in one click), payments are made automatically and the follow-up for the reminders is very practical
  • Communication with customers ?
    Emails, attachments, reminders (with some formulas already prepared) we just have to send. This gives a more professional and serious image and allows an instinctive link of trust with our customers.

Peace of mind regarding regulations?

That varies according to the activity of each one, we have minica

rs the laws are more restrictive (to be developed perhaps?)

Are you satisfied with our user assistance service? (knowledge of your trade, consideration of your needs, speed of the answers…)

Yes, the girls are always present and welcoming. They listen carefully to our needs and study them according to each of our particularities. They try to find the best solution to make our activity evolve on a daily basis.

Have your customers and partners noticed a difference before/after WAY-Plan? What impressions have you gathered?

Yes, the customers answer us faster, and in a positive way in general.
Our turnover has increased and so has our customer base. Our partners have their job description easily and quickly. Our employees are delighted to be able to use it easily on Mobilimo

Would you recommend WAY-Plan to your colleagues?

Absolutely, I regularly recommend it to our professional circle. And those who choose this software let us know that they regret not having used it before.

Thank you to Lydia Chammakhi of www.parisbestway.com for her testimony!

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