Testimonial of Riviera Company

Who is Riviera Company?

Riviera Company was founded with the aim of providing quality services, offering great flexibility to its passengers.

We operate in land, sea and air transportation. Our customized reservation service is attentive to our customers’ needs in order to respond quickly to all their requests.

This is why we chose to equip ourselves with WAY-Plan software. We were looking for a software that would allow us to manage the customer’s request from the moment he called to the billing and collection.

After more than 6 months of use, what is your opinion on your WAY-Plan management software?

The software is easy to use, all the steps of an errand can be easily followed, whether on a computer, a tablet or a Smartphone. Thus, even when we are away, we can follow the evolution of our activity and have access to our files.

Planning Limo sur PC et sur tablette

The WAY-Plan schedule is accessible on PC, Mac and Tablet for an optimal management on the move.

Both customers and drivers appreciate this rigorous management and inevitably the same.

Have you noticed a time saving in your organization since the adoption of WAY-Plan?

By having only one interface to manage quotes, mission orders and invoicing, we have divided by two the time needed to manage the trips. Moreover, we don’t need to keep an eye on the legislation of the mission orders, we know that WAY-Plan brings the modifications if necessary.

A word about user support?

If we have any questions about the software, we can easily reach a consultant. Contrary to some softwares, with WAY-Plan there is no need to subscribe to a support contract

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