Using WAY-Plan: a profitable software?

“Saving time” is one of the main objectives of companies who equip themselves with a management software.

We wanted to measure this time saving among WAY-Plan users through a survey launched at the end of 2014. Do they save time? How much do they estimate they save each month?

This question was broken down into 3 parts:

  • Planning: entering missions, dispatching drivers, transmitting information to drivers…
  • Invoicing and commercial management: management of reservation files (round trips, recurring transport missions), preparation of estimates, retrieval of information for invoicing…
  • Administrative management: preparing driver’s payrolls, recovering information from subcontractors, following up on invoice payments and reminders…

How much time do 1 to 2 car companies save?

The 1 to 2 car companies that responded to the survey reported saving 30 hours of management time per month, broken down as follows:

541,80€ of savings per month, based on an average salary of 1400€ gross

Companies with 1 to 2 drivers who equip themselves with WAY-Plan are mainly companies in the beginning of their activity. Saving time on the daily management is all the more important for these entrepreneurs as the challenges to be taken up are important.

The motivations which often come back in the mouth of the entrepreneurs are :

  • equip yourself to get on the right track from the start
  • reduce the number of tedious tasks to focus on the development of the company

By saving management time, small transportation companies give themselves more opportunity to focus on implementing development strategies.

How much time do companies with 3 or more cars save?

687,27€ savings per month, based on an average salary of 1400€ gross

Companies with more than 3 cars that use a WAY-Plan often already use management software or at least organizational tools (excel spreadsheets, general billing solutions).

If these transport companies came to WAY-Plan, it is because of :

  • structure their organization to better develop
  • guarantee their clients a reliable service by relying on a reliable management tool
  • …save time on the most time-consuming daily tasks

Companies with more than 3 cars are the ones who are the most in need of a software such as WAY-Plan, the ones who also make the most requests for evolutions… Nothing could be more normal!
When we have got used to an efficient management software, we want it to lighten our time-consuming tasks so that we can devote ourselves 200% to the company’s strategy and its expansion.

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