WAYNIUM stays by your side

WAYNIUM stays by your side

Good news, the WAYNIUM team remains at your side during this unprecedented period. Like most of you, our company is facing the current crisis and is doing everything possible to minimize the consequences.

First, all our services remain operational:

  • Technical: VTC and TPMR management software, driver applications are operational and maintained in equal conditions.
  • Assistance: our agents work from home to provide user support and training.

Secondly, you should know that more than ever we are listening to you, and that we will do our best to answer your particular questions, with all modesty and with the means available to our company.

Let’s bet on the opening towards the others, let’s dialogue, and let’s try to find solutions together!

Also, our support team, Marie-Laure, myself and Sophie (for administrative matters) are at your disposal.

Being convinced that this ordeal will strengthen us for the future, I wish you all health and energy to face the difficulties!

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Bruno Carlier

*The WAYNIUM team remains at your side.

Take care of yourself and protecteachother

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