Develop your clientele and your turnover

Identify your assets

Identifying the assets of a passenger transport company is not only a matter of vehicles, but also of the skills of each individual who makes up the company.

As far as the drivers or future operators are concerned, we can distinguish the following specific skills

o Specific licenses for motorcycles or buses

o Safety officer

o First aid certificate

o Ability to work with people with reduced mobility , dependent people, elderly people

o Knowledge of the history or geography of the region

o Reception of personalities…

So many qualities that will make your VTC or TPRP company stand out from its colleagues.

Identify the assets of your catchment area

Knowing your catchment area is already knowing the needs of your customers.

Some obvious facts are obvious: a VTC from Bordeaux will not think of not offering excursions in the surrounding vineyards, nor will a Parisian carrier not offer airport transfers…

To start your activity on the right track, the market study remains the best tool to highlight the assets and needs of your region. If necessary, get help to carry it out, according to your means, with a specialized consulting firm, your contact at the Chamber of Commerce.

GOOD PLACE: Business schools often have a junior company that takes on projects. For an unbeatable price, you will be dealing with motivated young people who are looking for new projects!

Build a service offer

Now, you have the cards in hand to build the service offer of your passenger transport company.

Offering only an “à la carte transport service” does not help to win new customers, on the contrary, it can do you a disservice… It is better to allow customers to identify directly the services you offer, for example by grouping them into “families of services”.

A few examples of services in the passenger transport sector:

– Airport transfers

– Station transfer

– Provision of a vehicle with driver

– Tourist excursions

– Regular transport (tours/shuttle)

– Convoying…

Specifying your services allows the future customer to answer his first question “Can this company meet my needs? “. They will associate your company with the transportation services it offers and you will allow them to project themselves in the accomplishment of their needs, even before asking you for your prices.

Other articles will follow on the theme of the VTC company strategy, we wish to share the knowledge acquired during these 4 years spent accompanying passenger transport companies throughout France.

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